What's Check-In Day?

Check-In Day occurs once a week on your preferred day (set this in Lifestyle) and is the day you provide updated measurements, look at your new status assessment, review progress, and begin your next plan period.

Why do I need to Check-In?

In order to keep track of your progress and learn about you, Wellest needs to compare how it expected your body would change over a plan period with the actual changes that occurred.

Your body is unique and so will be its response to your Wellest plan. By monitoring for changes at a regular interval we can track that response and we can also account for unexpected details like eating more or less and performing more or less activity than expected.

Over time our picture of how your body responds to nutrition and activity improves and check-ins are critical to that learning process.

Got it, What's Next?

  • Take your measurements [Related Article: How should I take my measurements?]

  • Wellest will review your progress, make adjustments, and build your new plan.

  • Reach out to your Wellest Coach via in-app chat to discuss goals, progress, plan execution, or anything else that's on your mind. We're here for you.

  • Change your check-in day on the Lifestyle screen in the iOS app.

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