What are my rings?

Each day's energy balance (calories in vs. calories out) in Wellest can be monitored in your rings. Each component of the energy balance equation has its own ring to show the calories in or calories out. As you use Mark As... to complete events and progress through a day, the rings will fill.

Hit 100% in all your rings and it means you met your plan for the day perfectly.

If you aim for 100% but find yourself over or under, don't sweat it, Wellest will adapt the remainder of your plan to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goal.

Your Rings

Negative Energy Rings (Magenta):

  • BMR | Calories burned due to Basal Metabolic Rate

  • TEF | Calories burned due to Thermic Effect of Food

  • Burn | Calories Burned from Fat Burning Activity

  • Build | Calories Burned from Muscle Building Activity

  • Out | The total of all negative energy and shows how many calories you are expected to burn for the day

Positive Energy Rings (Green):

  • In | The total of all positive energy and shows how many calories you are expected to consume for the day

  • Protein | Calories from Protein intake

  • Fiber | Calories from Fiber intake

  • Fat | Calories from Fat intake

  • Carbs | Calories from Carbohydrate intake

  • Note: although all rings represent energy, the text values for the macronutrient intakes are listed in g (grams)

Energy Balance Ring (Black):

  • Net | Out + In. The total energy balance for the day

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