What is my Completion Score?

Each day you have the potential to achieve up to a 100% Completion Score. Your Completion Score reflects how many of the meals and activities from the day that you Mark As... with any outcome. Whether you stuck to your plan or not, you'll get credit for marking events to report what you did to Wellest.

You can Mark As... an event with the following statuses:

  • Incomplete | Default status for all new events. If you use Mark As to set the status of an event, setting it back to Incomplete will unlock the event and reset the Completion Score.

  • Deleted | Use this to remove an event from your calendar.

  • Missed | Use this for events that you do not complete that you'd like Wellest to attempt to re-distribute to the rest of your plan period.

  • Complete | Use this to show that you completed an event as planned. You can edit events to change their plan before they are completed.

Any events NOT in the Incomplete status will count toward your Completion Score.

Note: Once an event is more than 48 hours in the past, Wellest will lock the event and not allow you to change the Mark As... status.

Where can I see my Completion Score?

Your Completion Score appears in two places:

  • In the Planner view, in the ring graph on the righthand side of the Your Day header above your events for the day

  • In the Planner view, in the ring graph in the Day of Week navigation bar at the top of the screen

Why should I Complete my events?

Consistency is foundational to making sustainable long-term changes in any area of your life. Wellest will adapt your plan to keep you on track to achieve your goals, even if you do not follow your plan perfectly, but it can't do that alone. Opening the app daily to review and complete your events will help you learn what Wellest believes is the optimal plan to achieve your goals and help Wellest learn what's working and what isn't.

How do I use 'Mark As...' for an event?

  • Use Swipe gestures on the event row on the Planner screen. Swiping from the left-to-right will toggle Complete vs. Incomplete. Swiping from the right-to-left will show the (...) to Mark As... and (Trashcan) to delete buttons. Tap (...) to open the Mark As... options and select a status for the event. A full swipe from right-to-left will delete the event.

  • Open the event and tap Mark As... from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen

Got it, What's Next?

  • Open Wellest and Mark As... your events for yesterday and today

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