Add New Events to Your Calendar

Wellest gives you a number of preference settings and other tools to help you manage your plan. By default, your plan is automatically generated by the Wellest AI each time you update your measurements, preferences, or goals to make sure you have a plan that best balances what is best for you biologically with what is best for you behaviorally. Wellest’s overarching goal is to get you to your goals as quickly, safely, sustainably, and easily as possible.

These preferences allow you to control your default plan. For instance, the Meals count preference allows you to choose how many meals you will have scheduled each day. Your Preferred Training Days preference allows you to choose which days Wellest should try to prescribe your muscle building and fat burning activities.

In addition, one of the key tools is the ability to Add New Events. If you do not have all of the events you want in your calendar you can always add a new one.

The types of events you can create are:

  • Recommended Meal | Use to create an extra planned meal with targets and recipe recommendations (e.g. need a snack to make it through to your next meal)

  • Untargeted Meal | Use to create meals that you don’t need targets or recommendations to complete (e.g. someone brought bagels to the office this morning)

  • Planned Activity | Use to create activities that you plan to complete in the future (e.g. hike with friends next weekend)

  • Completed Activity | Use to create activities that you completed in the past without planning (e.g. pickup basketball game)

Depending on which event type you create, you may want to open the event after it is created to customize it further. Of course, no matter which type of event you add, the rest of your plan can be updated to accommodate the change automatically. When you do this any of your event details that are unlocked are available to the Wellest AI to optimize.

You will want to update your plan after each event is created, edited, or deleted so you’re always working from the most up-to-date plan. You can always request a plan update by using Pull-to-Refresh from the Planner > Day or Planner > Week screens.

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