Wellest now provides complete flexibility when creating and executing on meals — you can plan to or actually eat anything you want, even if it doesn’t meet your optimal nutrition targets, and your plan will adapt to keep you on course to your goal.

We also added context and educational content to key moments in your Wellest journey. When you reach one of these moments, you’ll find an opportunity to learn more about how you arrived there, what to do next, and why it’s important to your progress.

Check out the improvements in detail below and send us a message to let us know what you think.

Notable Improvements
• Meals now attempt to fit any ingredients or recipes you select or modify to your nutrition targets. If the selections do not fit precisely, the quantities will be set to make them fit as closely as possible and when marking a meal complete, any missed targets will be balanced across other plan meals.

• Added educational cards throughout the app on screens and at times when important actions are required and additional context may be beneficial.

• When setting or updating a goal, an overview of your plan to reach your goal points is now presented.

• Ingredient search now shows recently and frequently ingredients that you’ve added or edited in your meals.

Additional Improvements
• When meals are Invalid due to conflicting Nutrition restrictions, a message will be shown indicating which ingredient and which restriction are in conflict

• Improved logic for managing maximum meal size to consider food density and volume.

• Any ingredient may now be specified in pounds ounces

• Any ingredient may now be specified in partial decimal quantities

• Macronutrients are now shown in partial decimal quantities for increased precision and clarity.

• Ingredients are shown in the ‘Unit of Measure’ selected instead of defaulting to grams (eg. 1/2 Apple, Whole)

• Switching ‘Unit of Measure’ for an ingredient automatically converts to an equivalent quantity in the new ‘Unit of Measure’ (eg. 4 Apple, Slices = 1/2 Apple, Whole )

• Nutrition rings on meals now show the tentatively planned solution before they’re complete instead of the percentage of the minimum nutritional targets for a meal.

• Enhanced ingredient search to support non-latin characters and iOS specific unicode searches.

• Improved plan update behavior to avoid making small changes to the plan that while mathematically optimal are unnecessarily small (eg. Moving the scheduled time of meals by 1 minute)

• Fixed situation for some users to prevent unexpected large meals or long activities added near the end of a plan period from prescribing equally large meals or long activities to counterbalance them.

• Fixed lock behavior for recipes so that it does not lock individual ingredients, but rather it locks the particular recipe in place during plan updates, whether the ingredients are locked or unlocked.

• Fixed meals so they attempt to auto-solve when a user unlocks a previously locked ingredient using the lock icon on the meal screen.

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