Wellest now allows you to better spot conflicts between your nutrition restrictions and ingredients, throughout the app. In situations where Wellest isn’t sure whether a conflict exists, you’ll see a warning and reminder to double-check the ingredient before consuming.

We also expanded our supported activities list and updated their Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) values so you can more accurately plan or record energy burned during an activity.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Wellest now allows you to see any nutrition conflicts between your restrictions and listed ingredients when searching for an ingredient and using it in a meal.

• Wellest now celebrates your goal achievements and helps you figure out, ‘What’s next?’ after you’ve arrived.

• New activities are available for selection when entering planned or completed activities.

• Existing and new activities have updated Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) values to reflect the expanded list of available activities, so that you may more accurately project energy burned during an activity.

Additional Improvements


• Fat burning activity allocation, if applicable, now attempts to avoid prescription on the same day as muscle building activity.

• Smoothed out the protein allocation algorithm to avoid a few scenarios where larger than average jumps or reductions in intake could occur as you make progress toward your goal.

• Ring graphs are now animated to highlight progress toward compliance and energy balance on ‘Your Day’ and progress toward nutrition targets when changing recipes and ingredients in the meal screen.



• Fixed a migration error that may have caused historic calendar data loss (events and their completion status) for some users in previous releases.

• Fixed a situation where ‘Superhuman’ goal point was different on the goal setting card than the goal setting selection modal for some users.

• Fixed the need to enter an ingredient quantity twice in order to have it save the change when updating the quantity for an ingredient.

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