Wellest now lets you create and define ingredients and use them in the same way you would an ingredient from the Wellest database. You can use this to open up a new world of meal solutions:

• Barcode not found? Add an item that isn’t in the Wellest database

• Wondering how much of favorite lasagna to eat? Create an ingredient with the nutrition per slice

• Eating out and want to know which of your favorite items fit your macros? Add them to your ingredients and Wellest can assemble a meal for you

• See an error in an ingredient? Add your own version with corrected information

We also removed restrictions when selecting recipes from recipe search and added new recipes to the database. Explore the list and Wellest will let you know which options match perfectly and which don’t meet your targets, but choose anything that catches your eye.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Wellest now lets you create and define ingredients and use them in the same way you would an ingredient from the Wellest database

• You can also manage your ingredients from ‘Your Ingredients’, a new option in the menu

• When scanning a barcode, if no match is found, you are also now offered the option to create an ingredient from that barcode

• Added the ability to select any recipe from recipe search, even if it does not fit your targets precisely, and Wellest will provide the best solution possible

• Added the ability to lock a group of ingredients, without a recipe, so you can prevent selected ingredients from being removed or replaced during plan updates

Additional Improvements


• Added a barcode scan button to the ingredient search bar

• If more than one ingredient matches a scanned barcode, you now see them all listed in ingredient search

• Wellest now removes user added and modified ingredients from meals when Wellest is forced to choose a new recipe to meet updated targets

• Meal Directions are now expanded by default for easier discoverability

• Added the ability to quickly jump back to the current date by double-tapping the date header on ‘Your Day’

• Updated the behavior for which day is selected by default when swiping between weeks on ‘Your Day’

• Wellest now shows your BMR in its entirety in the nutrition rings at the beginning of the day instead of allocating it slowly throughout the day

• Improved unit conversion behavior when adding ingredient quantity ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ or changing between ‘Units of Measure’ to make sure that server errors are not received

• Added hero images for all Activity Types

• Incorporated the latest version of the USDA food database



• Fixed ‘Unsatisfiable’ errors when dropping below the prescribed minimum threshold of Muscle Building activity

• Fixed ‘Unknown Error’ alerts that happened when opening the app for some users

• Fixed a scenario where locking a recipe could lock the quantities of all ingredients, instead of allowing unlocked ingredient quantities to solve within their defined ranges

• Fixed incorrect behavior where ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ were ignored when set to the same value

• Fixed missing clear button on ‘Exact’ field for ingredient quantity

• Fixed misalignment between chosen Activity Type and the Activity Type displayed in the activity header

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