Wellest now always solves your plan a week into the future and has optional check-ins. No more rigidity to planning, executing, or updating your plan.

Along with the new optional check-ins, you’ll find that ‘Check-In Day’ and ‘Getting Started’ tasks are now in a separate area so they’re at the ready but won’t clutter your daily execution while you find time to complete them.

We also added charts to visualize changes in your body measurements and composition. Tap on any measurement throughout the app to explore your progress.

In addition, we added support for alcohol tracking. Add alcohol to a meal as you would any other ingredient and Wellest will adapt your plan to keep you on course. Can’t find your favorite beverage? Add it as a custom ingredient or send us an ingredient request via in-app chat.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Plan creation and updates are now always a week into the future, even if you’re late checking in

• Check-In days are now optional but Wellest will remind you if you’re overdue

• Added charts for visualizing progress of body measurements and composition

• Added support for alcohol as an ingredient and macronutrient

• Moved ‘Check-In Day’ tasks to a separate area on ‘Your Day’

• Moved ‘Getting Started’ tasks to a separate area on ‘Your Day’

Additional Improvements


• Recipes are now locked when copying so they aren’t overwritten by plan updates

• Improved screen loading and performance on ‘Your Day’ and ‘Body’

• Clarified the difference between remove and delete throughout the app so it’s clear if something is gone for now or gone for good

• Added support for displaying less than 1 gram amounts for meals, ingredients, and ‘Your Day’ rings

• Wellest created recipes will now specify units of measure along with grams

• Default recipes when adding meals now include user modifications to Wellest recipes and user-created meals



• Fix to only open meals for editing after adding, instead of all events

• Fix to allow adding of meals in the past

• Fix for overwriting of ‘min’ and ‘max’ values when entering quantities over a kilogram for an ingredient

• Fix for incorrect nutrition ring totals on ‘Your Day’ when completing a meal after deleting a recipe and making a series of edits

• Fix for overlapping controls in dark mode when editing a grocery list

• Fix for deleted ingredients sometimes showing with a zero grams total on a grocery list

• Fix for duplicate recipes sometimes appearing in recipe search

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