Wellest now coaches you on whether you’re hitting your nutrition targets at the meal and day level. You’ll see exactly where your meal is deficient and whether you need to add or remove energy or macronutrients to meet, exceed, or stay under your targets.

We also added energy and macronutrient highlighting to ingredients so when you’re looking for and comparing food to hit your targets or resolve your missed targets, you can easily see which foods match your needs.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Updated nutrition rings to show whether targets are exact, minimum, or maximum so you know whether to aim precisely, exceed, or stay under each target

• Updated nutrition rings to show when those exacts, minimum, and maximum targets are met on meals and ‘Your Day’ and also when your current solution does not meet your targets

• Updated ingredients to highlight energy and/or macronutrients if they are a ‘source of’ (contain more than average: outline) or ‘rich in’ (contain far more than average: outline and fill) each item, as a percentage of their total energy

• Updated text colors to improve contrast to WCAG AA at a minimum, supporting better accessibility and readability for most users

Additional Improvements


• Improved performance of pre-fetching data so that when opening a meal, you will no longer see a loading indicator

• Improved meal photo handling, including faster loading, cache-management, and screen transitions

• Added a past due indicator if a check-in is skipped so you know how long it’s been since your last check-in and how out of date your plan may be

• Ability to see your projected or selected goal measurement for any applicable measurement screen

• Ability to see a summary of your overall goal and review your goal in detail by tapping on any projected goal measurement

• Improved the time handling for periods of inactivity on the ‘All’ timeframe chart

• Improved support for searching for ice cream

• When notified of an outdated version, users are now presented a link to the app store



• Fixed swipe to go back from Measurements to Goals

• Fixed the grocery list meal selection list to reflect correct timing, status, and ordering for meals when time edits are made but not yet saved

• Fixed meal ‘Copy to’ to reflect correct timing and ordering for meals when time edits are made but not yet saved

• Fixed missing LBM goal point measurements in unit switcher

• Fixed a scenario where completing and copying a meal could result in the original contents being copied instead of the latest contents

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