Wellest now gives you the option to update your calendar when you’re traveling across time zones. Choose to keep your schedule in sync with your new time zone, your previous time zone, or a different time zone altogether if you’re planning ahead for travel. Change it back when you return and as you review your calendar, you’ll see the differences in time zones shown on your events.

We also added the ability for Wellest team members to better support you by logging into your account when you request help.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Ability to set and change time zones for your Wellest account, including automatic prompts when your device changes and notifications when you’re working in a different time zone than you’re currently located in

• Ability for Wellest team members to log in to your account to provide support when help is requested

Additional Improvements


• Added the ability to navigate the calendar from ‘Your Day’ so you don’t have to swipe from week to week, including a one-tap way to return to ‘Today’ from any date

• Improved the personalization of suggested recipes and foods you receive when updating your plan or adding new events to better consider your recent preferences and modifications to recipes

• Improved the timing adjustments applied to unlocked events as other events are added, removed, and moved on your calendar, particularly near the start and end of each day



• Fixed errors that could occur for some users when locking in durations for weightlifting events

• When updating nutrition restrictions, plan updates are now required to prevent potential meal errors

• Fixed duplicate search results in Recipe Search for some queries

• Fixed minimum, maximum and exact quantities being removed from ingredients when marking a completed meal as incomplete

• Fixed a situation when changing lifestyle or nutrition settings wouldn’t prompt for a plan update

• Fixed rounding error that occurred when maximizing the quantity of some ingredients

• Fixed stuck refresh icon when error messages are presented

• Fixed incorrect past due and early check-in day informational messages

• Removed ‘Your Week’ view from the app since plans are no longer fixed-length and errors could occur

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