Wellest now lets you take control of your schedule in advance so your plan can consider things you know you’ll do before making suggestions on what additional activity and nutrition you’ll need to accomplish your goals. Whether you ride your bike daily, eat the same thing for breakfast during the week, go for a walk on the weekends, or have a half marathon coming up in two weeks, you can now add those to your calendar with recurrent and future events and your plan will adapt as they approach.

We also added custom events for when meals and activities don’t cover what you want Wellest to consider when making your plan. You can set alerts for something you want to be reminded about or track completion of, like a daily supplement, or add events you want Wellest to consider when scheduling your plan, like your work schedule.

In addition, we added an availability feature to all events so you can let Wellest know if you’re free, busy, or partially free so it knows whether or not it can schedule overlapping meals and activities.

Putting all of these new tools together, you can now create a custom event, name it “Work”, set it to recur Monday through Friday, and let Wellest know you’re available to eat during those hours but not perform activity and Wellest will adapt your plan around your work schedule accordingly, potentially placing meals during your work hours but avoiding placing any activity during that time.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Consolidated all existing event scheduling settings as well as the new scheduling abilities described below to a single area with a summary

• Added the ability to add recurrence to any event so whether you ride your bike daily, eat the same thing for breakfast during the week, or go for a walk on the weekends, you don’t have to enter those events individually and Wellest can adapt your plan to your routine events in advance

• Added the ability to create custom events so Wellest knows about and can work around them when creating your plan

• Added the ability to decide whether Wellest is allowed to overlap events when scheduling your plan so you can let Wellest know things like you’re available eat during your work hours but not work out, so Wellest should avoid scheduling activities during that time but may schedule meals

Additional Improvements


• Added the ability to navigate anywhere on the calendar, past or future

• Added the ability to schedule activities and custom events any time in the future

• Added improved nutrition partitioning that recognizes and organizes nutrition around training and resting days

• Improved flexibility for Wellest to reorganize events during plan updates

• Improved handling of fat burning activity allocation during plan updates after marking an existing fat burning activity as missed

• Improved plan updates’ ability to stabilize and return the plan schedule back to a routine when chaos is introduced by unpredictable scheduling and/or completion of events



• Fixed unsatisfiable errors when performing a plan update if a perfect recipe fit could not be found

• Fixed energy increase in current plan period after marking activities as missed for some users

• Fixed unevenly distributed protein prescription for some users

• Fixed infinite loading indicator when canceling the deletion of an event

• Fixed truncated date text in the date selector on ‘Your Day’ for some days

• Fixed not restoring min, max, and exact quantities for ingredients when moving a meal from a complete to incomplete state

• Fixed missing schedule and duration lock icons on ‘Your Day’ for completed activities

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