Wellest now lets you lock in plans for activities and meals which it will adapt to include, even before you’ve completed the event.

When locking in a plan or a completion that’s over or under your target for that event, if you don’t want to have Wellest adapt your plan to account for that discrepancy in the next week, you now have the option to defer adapting your plan and instead allow your ETA to move closer or further away.

We also added a number of new settings to ‘Lifestyle’ to give you more control over how you interact with Wellest and how your Wellest plan is created and adapted to your life.

In addition, we incorporated new research into our ETA calculations and expanded Wellest’s capabilities to gracefully adapt to large fluctuations in activity and compliance.

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Added ‘Planned’ to ‘Mark As’ to allow your plan to adapt for events not yet complete

• Added ‘Plan Adaptation’ (Adapt or Defer) to allow you to choose whether to adapt your plan when not meeting your targets for an event or to defer the overage or underage against your target to a closer or further goal ETA

• Updated rings on ‘Your Day’ and in events to show planned progress toward daily targets

• Updated numbers below the rings on ‘Your Day’ and in events to match the new ring math, completed over target, and to properly reflect the new Planned status and ability to mark events as Adapted or Deferred

• Redesigned events on ‘Your Day’ to show additional event details and status

• Added the ability to log completed meals to your day

• Carbohydrate targets now include a range with a maximum value that represents allocating all your excess energy, beyond minimum macros, to carbohydrates so you have a clear target to shoot at to meet your energy intake

• Added a setting to ‘Lifestyle’ to control whether events should be Adapted or Deferred by default

• Added a setting to ‘Lifestyle’ to control the frequency with which you are prompted to update your plan

• Added a setting to ‘Lifestyle’ to choose not to have suggested recipes applied when meals are added to your plan either by you or Wellest

• Added a setting to ‘Lifestyle’ to choose whether your nutrition targets are evenly distributed across your plan or adapt and are distributed based on the required nutrition to maximize recovery from your activities

• Improved macronutrient distribution rules to support additional unusual spikes in activity or inconsistency in plan execution or compliance

• Updated goal ETAs to reflect new research and set them at the lower bound of the projected range so they are usually longer but are attainable by a majority of users, even when not 100% compliant, as opposed to being set at the upper bound of the projected range where they were difficult to achieve without exact plan compliance.

Additional Improvements


• When updating your nutrition preferences, you will now be prompted to remove any future meals with conflicting ingredients

• Added the ability to reschedule your event from ‘Mark As’ so it’s more easily accessible from ‘Your Day’

• Updated event scheduling to utilize the new mark as Planned

• Improved unlocked event auto-rescheduling to maintain plan balance as events are planned and executed

• Improved new user plan creation to better reflect the lack of history when beginning a program with Wellest

• Improved ‘Lifestyle’ to use new iOS 15 components

• Removed check-in score from ‘Your Day’



• Fixed display of all event durations in seconds for iOS 15 users

• Fixed transparency and display issues for the tab bar for iOS 15 users

• Fixed incorrectly locking targets for a meal when the recipe or ingredient list was locked

• Fixed recurrent meals not appearing in the meal selection list when building a grocery list

• Fixed recurrent event pattern incorrectly deleting when removing recurrence from an instance and saving for that instance only

• Fixed missing loading indicator on ‘Your Ingredients’

• Fixed extra meals being added to days when scheduling a meal between an existing event and sleep when there was no available free time

• Fixed edited but unsaved values being overwritten when moving between planned and actual portions of an activity

• Fixed missing ‘Save or Discard’ label on the back button when editing meals and events in some scenarios

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