Wellest now allows you to override the Wellest optimized path to your goal and set an Energy Balance Factor to maintain in your plan, allowing you to influence the speed at which you attack your goal or goals.

We also added improved event auto-scheduling, a default fat-burning activity type, and an event level recovery nutrition switch to continue to allow you more control over how you interact with Wellest to personalize your path to achieving your goals

Check out the improvements in detail below and reach out to us via in-app chat to let us know what you think.

~ The Wellest Team

Notable Improvements


• Ability to choose an Energy Balance Factor that sets a speed toward your Leanness (Body Fat) goal

• Ability to see a projected ETA and first-week nutrition and activity plan based on your chosen Energy Balance Factor

• Ability to set a default fat-burning activity type so Wellest prescribes plans using your preferred activity

• Ability to have both a plan and an actual for meals, allowing you to better use Auto Plan Adaptation to decide whether or not to adapt your plan as you execute your day

• Improved event timing behavior, particularly with regard to interactions between meals and activities

• Ability to control recovery nutrition at the event level instead of only at the plan level so you can adapt your nutrition for only the events you choose

Additional Improvements


• Ability to dismiss the check-in day card at the top of ‘Your Day’

• Ability to see maintenance goals clearly stated when selecting and starting progress toward a new goal

• Added search and recents to Activity Type selection

• Moved the free trial or subscription requirement to the end of onboarding so you have an opportunity to set your goals and see how Wellest creates a plan specific to you before needing to make a decision

• Moved Goals to the ‘About You’ section

• Updated time displays for Custom Events & Activities to show in hours and minutes, instead of minutes only

• Improved the subscription management workflow



• Fixed an event being marked as complete when toggling ‘Auto Recovery Nutrition’ and saving the change

• Fixed recurrent events with end dates missing their last instance in some situations

• Fixed incorrect prompting for a plan update when adding recently completed meals

• Disabled controls for activities in the past that were incorrectly enabled and could lead to plan errors

• Fixed incorrect prompting for a plan update after swiping to ‘Mark As’

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